I don’t know what to name this – Life update

What's this?

You may wonder what I’m doing writing a post so different from my usual writing. This post acts as an update on my life, and also a message I think is important to share.

This first year of university has been hard for me. Studying Chemistry has been a dream of mine since I was 15 so naturally I had set the bar really high for myself. I wanted to ace every exam, post on my website every week and enjoy every bit of Chemistry I could.

Unfortunately for the first semester I struggled with health problems and adapting to new life in a new country. Also, as cringy as it sounds I was still discovering myself. All the way through middle and high school I was so shy, I couldn’t even ask the teacher if I could go the bathroom. Uni completely changed that and I became a loud extroverted girl known for her mischievous and cheeky sense of humour (and of course her obsession with Chemistry).

After not living up to my own standards in the first semester, I then said to myself for the second semester I’d get it together, yet I was plagued with a lack of motivation. I was worried I was beginning to not love Chemistry. In the first semester I didn’t enjoy Inorganic Chemistry that much, I enjoyed Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry more. Did this mean I was more of a bio person?

Just as I was getting my routine together, Coronavirus forced our university to hold online lectures and it knocked me out of rhythm. I struggled with organising my time and for almost a month I achieved nothing except attending classes.

Now with the second semester coming to an end and my exams coming up, I can say with confidence that I am unprepared for almost all of them.

I was beginning to think that my hard work and effort had gone nowhere and then a few days ago my favourite professor of my favourite class offered me a position to work in his lab with his PhD students. Why? Because in every class I am enthusiastic, I listen with interest and ask questions.

I actually didn’t really want to tell anyone that I’m now likely involved in a research group but the message is important. I don’t care how much of a cliche it is, no matter what happens, hard work and a positive mindset takes you a long way.

So what's the story?

(Morning Glory)

It’s a song and a flower get your mind out of the gutter

Good things come when you least expect them to. If you keep working hard with enthusiasm and a positive mindset you’ll go far.

Sorry for the random post with the random theme but I thought this was an important story to share :).

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  1. Kato

    Keep up the positivity! ❤️🙌🏽😊

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